Products and Services

We offer stocks/bonds, mutual funds, financial planning, and income tax planning services. Additionally, other products include (i.e.: Mutual funds, Annuities, REITs, insurance etc.). We at AIMcDonnaugh & Co. Inc. are currently acquiring all the appropriate licenses so that the business can act in a multifaceted capacity when it comes to placing stock/bond trades, mutual fund purchases, and options trades along with alternative investments on behalf of its clients.

Investment Advisory Services

Our investment advisory services are provided to clients that are seeking to effectively have a well-balanced portfolio that mitigates risk and provides above average market returns for its investors. AIM Advisory services a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Our suite of products includes advisor managed, separately managed accounts (SMA) and professionally managed accounts. We offer proprietary and non-proprietary approaches to a wide choice of other advisory services and solutions like:

Open architecture advisor managed programs where you can create custom portfolios for your clients.

Selling agreements with numerous third-party managers giving access to some of the most dynamic money management talent in the industry.

Sub-advised accounts are provided with assistance where needed

Financial planning you have the flexibility to create financial plans that can be implemented hourly or planning agreements providing services for a flat fee.

Proprietary products for High-net-worth clients

Accredited investor programs include, separately managed accounts, Hedge funds and Alternative investment products.